Mix & Mastering en ligne

– FAQ –

How long does it take to Musunder to finish an order?
Generally, it may take one to three days between the validation and the finalization of the order.
How to order ?
First, contact us via the contact form and describe your project.
We then invite you to send us the files via WeTransfer.
When you receive the payment request via PayPal, proceed to payment and we will send you as soon as possible the finished product.
How to upload files ?
To upload your files, go to WeTransfer website and send your files correctly named (for example, Kick1, Kick2, LeadVocal, BackVocal) to musunder.contact@gmail.com.
Place them in a folder called "your name_name of the track".
Do not forget to compress it with WinRar or WinZip.
Finally, if the folder is heavier than 2 GB, proceed with several separate transfers.
Which standards must be respected before sending the files ?
Sample rate: 48kHz at least.
Bit depth: 24 bits at least.
File type: WAV or AIFF.
Dithering: None.
Which formats do you provide ?
We provide the following formats:
CD quality (WAV, 44,1 kHz, 16 bits)
DVD quality (WAV, 48 kHz, 16 bits)
Studio quality (WAV, 48kHz à 96 kHz, 24 bits)
MP3 quality (320 kbit/s)
Which option should I choose to have the best result ?
Obviously, it is preferable for us to deal with mix, pre-mastering and mastering to guarantee you a result that is able to satisfy you.
Indeed, if we have the hand on the whole process, it will be much easier for us to reach a coherent and convincing result.
What is the order extra charge ?
We can increase the total price of the order by 5 to 10% depending on the length of the track, the number of sources, the complexity of the arrangement and the quality of the recordings.
What is a good quality recording ?
A good quality recording is a recording which signal to noise ratio is high enough (Self-noise should be very low).
There must be no clipping, parasitic noise, undesirable harmonic distortion or crosstalk.
If the recording includes some of these defects, we will need to consider proceeding to a sound restoration using the iZotope RX software.
If it is relatively simple to get rid of a clipping, it is much more difficult to reduce crosstalk or noises.
It is therefore essential to be rigorous when capturing sound.
For synthetic sounds, it is especially important to be careful never exceeding 0dB FS (level of clipping).
What is mixing ?
The mixing step consists in merging and applying distinctive treatments to the sources.
That ensures the overall coherence with the style and the essential pleasure to listen to the track.
Since it is the first step of the process, it is crucial for an optimal end result.
Indeed, a bad mix will be difficult, if not impossible, to catch up at the next step (If the sources are badly recorded, the overall track will be affected by them).
The main tools used for this step are panning (PAN), reverb, compression, level management, expansion, frequency equalization (EQ).
What is pre-mastering ?
The pre-mastering step consists in processing the L/R stereo bus (for Left / Right, commonly called master) in order to manage the overall frequency, stereophonic and dynamic balance of the track.
Tools such as multi-band compressors, linear phase equalizers, spatializers or limiters are frequently used.
It also ensures that all tracks from a same EP (Extended Play) or LP (Long Play) have the same sound texture.
What is mastering ?
Mastering is the last step before the commercialization of the track and consists, in the case of a digital distribution, in adding dithering to a sub-sampled signal, implementing metadatas and converting the file into different formats.
We ensure at this stage that the sound levels of the different tracks are substantially the same.
This stage is very often confused with pre-mastering.
Are there any other means of payment than paypal ?
No, there is currently no other payment method than via the PayPal service.
Do you accept to make any modification of the Mix or Pre-Mastering ?
Yes, once you have received the finished product you are entitled to three sets of free corrections, beyond we charge 5 € per modification.
Do you offer Editing / post-production mixing ?
Post-production work is not our specialty, but we will study any request in this direction.
How to benefit from a free sample ? what can i expect from it ?
Simply specify that you want a free sample of the service when ordering.
Its duration will be about 20 seconds depending on the tempo of the track.
Moreover, being a first draft, the rendering will obviously not be optimal.